A range hood plays a vital role when cooking meals: it expels smoke, odours and air pollutants from the room. Depending on your kitchen layout, there’s a wide variety of models to choose from. Here’s how we categorize our units.

1. Cabinet Insert Hood

Discreet and compact, this range hood model is designed to be concealed inside a kitchen cabinet. It can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, usually above a central island.

By covering the appliance with a decorative box, you can personalize its appearance. For a coordinated look, you could choose a kitchen cabinet that’s identical to the others. Or, you could turn your range hood into a statement piece with a cover made of metal, rustic wood, decorative mouldings or other unusual finishes.

Finally, this type of range hood tends to be slightly quieter, because its decorative casing helps dampen the noise.

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2. Ceiling Hood

This type of range hood is either suspended or ceiling-mounted. If your cooking surface is located on a central island, this is the hood model you need.

Unlike a wall-mounted installation, a ceiling-mounted range hood is exposed to the ambient air from all four sides. It’s also common for the unit to be installed at a greater height from the cooking surface, especially in the case of a ceiling-mounted model. For all these reasons, we usually recommend that you choose a more powerful appliance (as measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM) to properly remove smoke, steam and grease from the air.

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3. Decorative Hood

This range hood is visible and combined with an exposed chimney, whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.

Although such range hoods come in all shapes and sizes, at Aroua, we favour a minimalist design with pure, timeless lines. No matter your style when renovating your kitchen, an elegant stainless steel hood will always blend in harmoniously with your decor.

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4. Custom Hood

Restaurateurs, designers and foodies sometimes have a list of specific requirements that can’t always be found in the same model. If the range hood of your dreams doesn’t yet exist, our engineers can create it for you.

With a custom-made range hood, anything becomes possible. Let us know your requirements for power, noise, installation (wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted), measurements, colour and finish. No request is unreasonable – our team sees every new challenge as an opportunity to make our products evolve.

After all, this is how we developed our series of anodized black aluminum range hoods!

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Which Is the Best Range Hood for You ?

There’s no right or wrong answer – the best range hood is the one that meets your unique needs in terms of power, noise and the type of installation that’s best suited to your kitchen. If you’re not sure which model to choose, contact our team. Our specialists will support and advise you at every stage of your purchase.