With the right choice of range hood, you can make a powerful statement in your kitchen – or have the unit blend in discreetly. With so many design options, from oversized chimneys to nearly invisible ceiling-mounted models, which range hood is best for you? Here are some tips to help you choose.

1. Assess Your Range Hood’s Technical Specifications

Before embellishing your décor, your range hood is, above all, a kitchen appliance that fulfils an essential role: evacuating smoke, steam, odours and grease from the room. Choose your model according to its primary technical specifications:

  • Make sure you choose a range hood that’s powerful enough for your needs, as measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • • Choose a cooker hood model with an adequate width according to your cooking surface and the type of installation.
  • Finally, if you like to listen to music or chat with your guests while you cook, choose a silent range hood or go with a type of installation that limits noise.

Once you’ve got these essentials covered, you can have fun with the aesthetics!

2. Built-in or Remote Blower?

Most range hood models have a built-in motor, meaning the motor and fan are part of the unit. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a decorative stainless steel range hood with a timeless look and simple operation.

However, a remote blower range hood has its benefits too, including being more quiet. This appliance comprises two separate units – a motorless range hood and a fan-motor unit installed inside the exhaust vent or outside your property. This allows you to choose precisely what you want from each of the two components – a range hood with the design you like and a motor that’s as powerful as you need.

With this type of installation, you could also integrate a silencer for even greater acoustic comfort.

3. Decorative or Cabinet Insert Hood?

Whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, Aroua’s range hoods are designed with minimalist lines. Choosing an exposed stainless steel chimney gives you a timeless, neutral design that will complement any traditional, modern or eclectic kitchen.

The choice of a cabinet insert hood opens up endless design possibilities. This model is designed to be hidden inside an architectural or decorative cover of your choice.

  • You could conceal the appliance in a kitchen cabinet identical to the others for a discreet look.
  • To make your range hood a statement piece, you could enclose it inside a wooden frame and cover it with almost anything. Mantel-like mouldings, plaster or stucco, reclaimed wood, metal such as copper or brass, ceramics: as long as sufficient clearance is provided, there are no limits to your creativity.

4. Have Fun with Unusual Finishes

Perhaps you have a specific vision of your dream kitchen – and cold stainless steel isn’t a part of it? Many more options are available to you:

  • Please have a look at our decorative kitchen hoods painted in matt black or white. Whatever model you choose, contact our team to customize its look with a decorative adhesive film. Have fun with bright colours, graphic patterns or faux finishes that will stand out.
  • Finally, to enjoy an Aroua-exclusive product, ask about our anodized series. Through a unique process incorporated by our engineers, the metal’s colour can be changed to a rich black or gold. This is more than just a coating – it transforms the colour of the metal itself!