Dual-motor range hood; A worthwhile choice

A dual-motor range hood is simply a range hood with two independently controlled motors; it’s like having two range hoods in one structure.


Parce que les cuisinières sont de plus en plus larges

For cooking enthusiasts, the need for cookers and hobs with ever-increasing performance and offering a multitude of cooking technologies has led to the appearance on the market of very wide ranges and new hob and domino adjustment concepts.

Rendre l’aspiration des fumées plus efficiente

Covering wider and wider cooktops, it was necessary to adjust by creating kitchen hoods with dual motors that not only make the extraction of vapours and fumes more efficient than a single motor, but also more economical, since the extraction is more targeted; if you only use the elements or burners on the right side of your stove, you can just activate the motor on the right side of your kitchen hood. It’s called common sense.

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