Since the remote control was invented, we no longer need to get up and press buttons to turn many appliances on or off. And with the rise of voice assistants, we don’t even need to pick up the remote! Google Home’s innovative technology is now available as an option on all Aroua range hood models. Here’s what it makes possible.

WiFi-enabled Range Hood

As we’re building your range hood, all that’s required to enable connection to your home WiFi is adding a network card. It’s technically even possible to add such as card to a range hood that’s already installed, though this would require much work to dismantle and reassemble the appliance. During installation, setup is simple: pair your Google account with the range hood so that the Google Home system can command it.

A Smart Range Hood Responds to Your Command

Operating a smart range hood is easy: just say “OK Google” to activate your voice assistant and ask what you want the device to do. Your smart range hood will then fulfill your wish. You can turn the appliance on or off, adjust the motor speed and control the lighting. You can make your range hood do anything it could without pressing a single button.

The Future of Smart Range Hoods

These basic features are just the beginning. Our engineers are keen to explore what artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can make possible. For example, our range hoods could eventually be fully integrated into a home automation system for greater convenience. In the event of a kitchen fire, they could detect abnormally high heat near the appliance and notifying you by text message so that you could react quickly.