If your kitchen is your kingdom where you enjoy entertaining guests, you may face the following dilemma. You want a range hood powerful enough to expel smoke and grease while you prepare your feast … but you also wish for a quiet range hood, allowing you to discuss freely with your guests over drinks. Is having both impossible ? Not if you install a range hood with a remote blower.

What Is a Range Hood With Remote Blower ?

This type of range hood is made of two separate parts. First, a motorless range hood is installed in the kitchen. This appliance is connected through a ventilation duct to a remote fan and motor unit, which can be installed in a low – traffic room (such as the garage or mechanical room) or outside. What does this particular setup change, exactly ?

An Efficient and Quiet Range Hood

The motor is the primary source of noise from your range hood. By relocating it somewhere else , you also move this source of noise pollution so you can enjoy a quieter kitchen. Installing your motor on the roof or on an outside wall (which requires protective housing) reduces the noise even more.

A range hood with a remote blower is usually very powerful since the unit doesn’t simply expel stale air from the room but draws it in from further away. Thus, it’s often a high – end product designed to meet the needs of serious cooks.

A Welcome Accessory

As the name suggests, a silencer makes the range hood even quieter. This accessory is installed in side the ventilation duct, between the range hood and the motor. It acts as a sound barrier and prevents motor – generated noise from spreading into the ventilation duct.

The Challenges of a Range Hood with Remote Blower

However, this type of range hood is not without its faults:

  • Because the range hood and the remote blower are separate units , their installation is more complex and is best left to a professional.
  • It becomes even more importa nt that the range hood vent follows an optimal route: minimizing bends as well as remaining direct and short.
  • Due to its high power and unique configuration, this appliance is more energy – intensive.
  • A higher budget is required than for a standard range hood.

If noise control is more important to you than the few inconveniences mentioned above, a remote blower system could fulfil your wish of a quiet range hood.