The pandemic has made many Quebecers realize the importance of buying local. That our supply chains often depend on foreign countries. And how we must urgently change our habits to reduce our carbon footprint. Every little gesture counts, and if you need a new range hood, choosing a model by Aroua does all of the above at once. Here’s how.

95% of Quebec-sourced Components

Stainless steel, aluminum, paint, parts: almost all our sourcing comes from local suppliers. Even when specialized components are manufactured abroad – such as German ebm-papst motors – we generally purchase them from a Quebec or Canadian distributor. We use local partners to laser-cut our metal panels, bend and weld them, and assemble eachrange hood ourselves.

Quality Designed to Last: Our Vision of Sustainability

The ultimate expression of sustainability is not having to replace something at all. This is why we choose quality components and design our range hoods in such a way as to extend their lifespan.

For example, the motors we use are designed to operate for over 30,000 hours (at 95% confidence interval), the equivalent of 3 hours a day for more than 27 years! We also prefer sanitary 304-gauge recycled stainless steel, which contains less iron and resists corrosion better than the 430-gauge stainless used by most manufacturers. Our metal is not only bent but also welded and polished to make the whole unit more resistant to impact.

Repairing Before Replacing

Some manufacturers deliberately make it difficult to repair their products by requiring proprietary tools or making specific components hard to access. We do the opposite! We choose independent and interchangeable parts, much like with a desktop computer or a vehicle. Our range hoods can usually be repaired rather than replaced without incurring prohibitive costs or delays in obtaining parts.

Supply Problems? Not at Aroua.

The appliance industry is still recovering from the pandemic. Demand has increased, and manufacturers have long operated with reduced staffing levels and stretched overseas sourcing times. As a result, it often takes several months to get a top-of-the-range stove or refrigerator with specific options.

At Aroua, we don’t have these problems. We’re part of an ecosystem of local businesses whose supply is not affected by trade conflicts and politics. We keep parts stocked because we manufacture and assemble our range hoods ourselves. As a result, we can usually repair a faulty appliance on the next day and fulfill new orders in little time.

If you need a new range hood, check out our online catalogue or contact our team: it could be the first kitchen appliance to be delivered to your home!